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HalalDocuments provides American Muslims with simple, everyday legal documents that comply with United States laws, and are Islamically sound. Try Before You Buy. To create a document is simple and fast, in 3 easy steps. Try it out today!

Frequently asked questions

HalalDocuments is an online legal document preparation service that provides simple, everyday legal documents for American Muslims. HalalDocuments’ legal documents conform to: (a) the laws of the U.S. jurisdiction where the customer resides, as well as (b) the requirements and principles of Islamic religious laws.

No. HalalDocuments is NOT a law firm, nor is it a substitute for hiring an attorney. It is strictly an online legal document preparation service, specializing in offering legal documents that conform to both American laws and Islamic religious laws.

No, not strictly speaking. Some of the Co-founders of HalalDocuments are licensed attorneys, but the others are not.  HalalDocuments is NOT a law firm; it is a legal document preparation service, like other such services available online, many of which are not run by licensed or practicing attorneys.

HalalDocuments was co-founded by Tariq Hafeez, Esq. and Nadeem Siddiqi, PhD. Tariq has practiced law in a variety of settings including large law firms, government and small firms. Tariq is also co-founder of LegalEase Solutions LLC, an offshore legal process outsourcing firm. Nadeem holds a PhD in Finance and brings a business/finance view to the company. Tariq and Nadeem are also community activists, and serve in various different community organizations, locally and nationally.

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