Plan for your retirement

We all know no one is going to be working forever. They’re going to have to retire at some point of their lives. Employers know this, so they give options to their employees. Options include IRA (Individual Retirement Accounts) and 401k accounts. IRA accounts give flexibility to an investor. You will be able to choose … Continue reading Plan for your retirement

Take care of your debts!

Debts are one of the most important financial aspects of your life. You don’t want to die with debt. But what if you do? There are a few things that may happen if you die with debt. And they don’t sound too exciting. Before your estate can be divided according to your will, your debts … Continue reading Take care of your debts!

Funerals: Planning for your last day

No one likes talking about the day they will die. But let’s face it: it will happen. And it can come any time. So it’s a good idea to start planning for your funeral. Every Muslim is entitled to an Islamic funeral. Imam al-Shafi said: “The funeral prayer of a Muslim (who follows the Qiblah) … Continue reading Funerals: Planning for your last day

Halal Mutual Funds Available to Muslims

Do you want to invest in a mutual fund, but aren’t sure how to invest in an Islamic way? Most mutual funds are generally off limits for a Muslim investor. This is because there will happen to be investments which are haram, and a large portion of profit from these companies will come from selling … Continue reading Halal Mutual Funds Available to Muslims

Dying Without A Will

Let’s first dispel the common misconception that inevitably comes up here. No, the state does not take away all your money if you die without a will. That is a common misconception that we hear from clients and sometimes Islamic speakers that discus this topic. Yikes! And if the state does indeed take away your … Continue reading Dying Without A Will