HalalDocuments is an online legal document preparation service that provides simple, everyday legal documents for American Muslims. HalalDocuments’ legal documents conform to: (a) the laws of the U.S. jurisdiction where the customer resides, as well as (b) the requirements and principles of Islamic religious laws.

No. HalalDocuments is NOT a law firm, nor is it a substitute for hiring an attorney. It is strictly an online legal document preparation service, specializing in offering legal documents that conform to both American laws and Islamic religious laws.

No, not strictly speaking. Some of the Co-founders of HalalDocuments are licensed attorneys, but the others are not.  HalalDocuments is NOT a law firm; it is a legal document preparation service, like other such services available online, many of which are not run by licensed or practicing attorneys.

HalalDocuments was co-founded by Tariq Hafeez, Esq. and Nadeem Siddiqi, PhD. Tariq has practiced law in a variety of settings including large law firms, government and small firms. Tariq is also co-founder of LegalEase Solutions LLC, an offshore legal process outsourcing firm. Nadeem holds a PhD in Finance and brings a business/finance view to the company. Tariq and Nadeem are also community activists, and serve in various different community organizations, locally and nationally.

No. The intent of HalalDocuments is that ordinary Muslims, with no training in law or religion, can use the online legal document preparation service with confidence and ease, without the assistance of an attorney.

No. There are no fees to use HalalDocuments besides the cost of the actual legal documents that you order.

The HalalDocuments management team has numerous close, meaningful, and personal relationships with religious scholars (‘ulema), jurists (muftis) and community leaders (imams) across the spectrum of religious sects, schools, understandings, groups, and orientations. The Guiding Principles that underpin all of HalalDocuments’ work were developed based on input and advice from this broad network of advisors and contacts. HalalDocuments’ legal forms and documents are all designed to be non-sectarian and non-partisan to any particular method, approach, or ideological orientation, and they are drafted so as to be as broadly compliant as possible. The Company’s management team also maintains close relationships with American law professors and practitioners of law in numerous U.S. jurisdictions, to keep abreast of relevant and timely developments in the American legal system that could affect HalalDocuments’ products and offerings.

No. At the present time, HalalDocuments only accepts payment online using a credit card.

Yes. HalalDocuments offers legal documents for customers in all fifty jurisdictions of the United States.

No. Though the Company plans to expand its operations into international markets in the future, HalalDocuments’ products are only available to customers in America at the present time.

If you discover an error in your legal document, simply Contact us and inform us what has happened. A customer representative will contact you as soon as possible to investigate and discuss the problem with you. If there is a bona fide error, we won’t just apologize; HalalDocuments will either fix the problem for free, or provide a full refund, at the customer’s request.

No. At present, there is no option to email, call, or fax your order to HalalDocuments; you must use our online questionnaire, ordering, and payment method at the HalalDocuments website.

Yes, of course. You can preview your partially completed legal document prior to purchasing. Login to your account and enter the information for the document you are interested in. You will be able to view the partial document that is customized to your circumstances and location, prior to purchasing.

No. The legal document provided by HalalDocuments is intended expressly for use by the customer who placed the order. Sharing that file with third parties, or using it as a template to create additional legal documents for others, is a violation of the Terms of Use of HalalDocuments. Piracy of this nature is damaging to the business of HalalDocuments, undermines the eternal principles of truth, fairness, and equity, and serves to foster an American Muslim subculture of dishonesty and fraud. Please do NOT engage in piracy, and please discourage your family and friends from doing so as well. Thank you. May God reward you.

HalalDocuments is a Michigan-based limited liability company. As such, it is a commercial enterprise undertaken by private individuals as a for-profit business venture. Though the Company’s product offerings help its customers satisfy their religious requirements by conforming their legal documents to the dictates of Islamic Law, HalalDocuments is neither a non-profit organization, a not-for-profit entity, nor does it have tax-exempt status under any federal or state laws. It is a specialized online legal document preparation service.

HalalDocuments aims to be a cost-effective solution for everyone. The current cost for each document is given below. The best value is obtained in getting the package, for either an individual or a couple.

Document Cost
Will $150
Healthcare Power of Attorney $75
Financial Power of Attorney $50
HIPAA Authorization Free
Package for Individual (4 documents) $225
Package for Married Couple (8 documents) $300