Halal Mutual Funds Available to Muslims

Do you want to invest in a mutual fund, but aren’t sure how to invest in an Islamic way? Most mutual funds are generally off limits for a Muslim investor. This is because there will happen to be investments which are haram, and a large portion of profit from these companies will come from selling haram products. Now, that doesn’t sound too exciting. A number of mutual funds are available to a Muslim living in America.

Some examples of mutual funds which are available to a Muslim investor are the Iman, Amana and Azzad Funds. Amana Mutual Funds has three funds available. Within the general mutual fund category, they offer some options. These include income funds (which focus on paying dividends), growth funds (which focus on capital appreciation), as well as international funds (which focus on the international markets). Each fund is Shariah compliant and has an advisory board overseeing its activities.

There still remains risk in any investment. Just because a fund is Shariah compliant does not make it free from risk. However, there is the option of halal investments. So invest away! Muslims can take advantage of investment opportunities. Just know your limits.