Who are the religious scholars/advisors that HalalDocuments consults with?

The HalalDocuments management team has numerous close, meaningful, and personal relationships with religious scholars (‘ulema), jurists (muftis) and community leaders (imams) across the spectrum of religious sects, schools, understandings, groups, and orientations. The Guiding Principles that underpin all of HalalDocuments’ work were developed based on input and advice from this broad network of advisors and contacts. HalalDocuments’ legal forms and documents are all designed to be non-sectarian and non-partisan to any particular method, approach, or ideological orientation, and they are drafted so as to be as broadly compliant as possible. The Company’s management team also maintains close relationships with American law professors and practitioners of law in numerous U.S. jurisdictions, to keep abreast of relevant and timely developments in the American legal system that could affect HalalDocuments’ products and offerings.