Legal Documents

HalalDocuments provides American Muslim consumers with simple, everyday legal documents that comply with United States laws, as well as Islamic religious laws.

American Muslims are a small but growing minority in the United States. Like finance, food, apparel, and media, American Muslims also have legal needs. To satisfy these needs, most Muslims simply hire a qualified professional attorney licensed in their jurisdiction to handle the legal work, completely irrespective of religious considerations (a la hiring an accountant, mechanic, plumber, or dentist). However, depending on the level of observance of an individual, she may desire her legal instruments—particularly in areas where Islamic Law offers guidance and/or stipulates specific legal standards—to conform not only to the applicable laws of the U.S. jurisdiction in which she resides, but also to conform to the requirements of the religious laws of Islam. Few attorneys are qualified in the United States to even offer such specialized services, and those who do, typically charge premium legal fees for their billable work. American Muslim consumers have had little choice for example, to create their own “Islamic Will” that would pass muster and hold up in any American probate court, while simultaneously conforming to the principles and rules of Islamic Law (according to the classical Islamic schools of legal interpretation and juristic methodology). Enter: HalalDocuments.

Through the use of innovative document preparation strategies, creative marketing relationships, consultation with notable Islamic Law experts, and a dedicated team of committed, visionary professionals, HalalDocuments launched in 2018 with a fully operational online presence and integrated back office support.

Like other legal document preparation services and legal forms companies, HalalDocuments is NOT a law firm. Using this service is NOT a substitute for an attorney or law firm, and all users of HalalDocuments are advised to review the Company’s Disclaimer in full, including all additional terms and conditions.